Donor Stories

Ruth BramhallHonoring the Life of Ruth Bramhall: A Beloved Mary Bridge Legend

Rivaled by none. That's how most would describe Ruth Bramhall. She started working at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital as a nurse 11 months after it opened in 1955. She ran the Operating Room (OR) and took great pride in teaching nurses how to prepare the room and clean the instruments, ensuring that it was always in perfect shape for every child who came through its doors. More

Lynn OstensonPhysician Shows Gratitude by Giving Back

Lynn Ostenson, M.D., was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and always interested in health care. It wasn't until her soon-to-be husband, Richard, convinced her to apply for medical school that she focused on becoming a physician. More

Natalie and Bob FindlayCouple Finds Multiple Benefits to Supporting Children's Health

Within minutes of meeting retired primary schoolteacher Natalie Findlay and "semi"-retired physician Bob Findlay, you'll understand how much they care for their community. Bob and Natalie were married in 1974 and spent many years moving around the country because of Bob's service in the military. They chose to settle down in University Place, WA, in the early 1990s. They've become pillars of this community ever since. More

Don and Barrie MottA Legacy of Giving

Estate Planning — the Don and Barrie Mott Way
For Dr. Donald Mott, this succinct statement from Barrie, his wife of 49 years, established a clear action plan to support their chosen philosophy: "To whom much is given, much is required." It is a philosophy and plan that has guided the couple through decades of generosity, not only of funds, but of time, talent and knowledge. More

Alice ForsteinAlice Forstein, RN Tacoma General Hospital School of Nursing Class of 1974

Alice became a nurse because she was inspired by the story of a young Norwegian girl who became ill while on board a ship bound for the United States. The girl was cared for by a nurse who was so compassionate and kind, she thought of her as an angel. That young girl was Alice’s mother, Solveig Engman. More