Alice Forstein, RN Tacoma General Hospital School of Nursing Class of 1974

Alice Forstein

Alice became a nurse because she was inspired by the story of a young Norwegian girl who became ill while on board a ship bound for the United States. The girl was cared for by a nurse who was so compassionate and kind, she thought of her as an angel. That young girl was Alice’s mother, Solveig Engman. Solveig graduated from the Tacoma General Hospital School of Nursing in 1940. Alice and her sister Barbara followed in their mother’s footsteps as graduates of the same nursing school.

Alice’s journey began in the OR at Tacoma General Hospital in 1974. Along the way, she also spent time as nurse recruiter and in the business office as a clinical revenue analyst. Her journey came full circle when she retired in 2014, from the OR where her nursing career began.

One of the things that Alice appreciates about her journey, is the opportunity to have served in different departments where she could still affect outcomes and impact patient care — whether it was at the bedside or in the business office — because of the quality of her nursing education.

Alice has included a gift to the Tacoma General Hospital School of Nursing Education Endowment in her will because as she says, “I want my kids, grandkids and all future generations to have quality care and the best and smartest people taking care of them and I want to make education available for nurses to become better at what they do.”

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