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Thank you for your generosity

If you have already made a gift to support a MultiCare program or foundation, THANK YOU!

Would you please let us know? Expressing gratitude to you for your generosity is very important to us. Our Legacy Circle is a way to thank and recognize you for your thoughtful gift today for what we will receive in the future. We always honor the level of recognition you prefer and are respectful of the desire for some to give anonymously. If you do not prefer to be recognized publicly, you can choose to be listed as "anonymous" while still maintaining a behind-the-scenes relationship with us.

Please complete the below form or contact us.

Information you share will be kept confidential and we respect any decision to remain anonymous.

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Free resources to help you plan

The MultiCare Foundations is proud to provide free and confidential estate planning services through Thompson & Associates for friends like you. Learn more

The MultiCare Foundations have also partnered with FreeWill to offer you a secure, online estate planning tool that can help you write your legal will—entirely free of cost. Learn more

Get started now

Prepare for your meeting with Thompson & Associates using our free personal estate planning kit to maximize your time. It will help you inventory your assets and consider the goals you want to accomplish with your estate plan.

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