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A Powerful Way to Protect What You Love

Fall is right around the corner! The seasons may change but there is a powerful way to prepare for whatever the future may hold and make a lasting commitment to the people and causes you value. Having a legal will in place can help you plan for your assets, protect your loved ones, and establish a legacy.

This secure, online estate planning tool from FreeWill can help you write your legal will—entirely free of cost. Get started on your plans at

Please note—we always recommend talking with a trusted estate planning attorney to ensure this resource fits your specific needs and your will is formalized according to the laws of your state. An attorney is also a better resource if your estate isn’t simple, may be subject to state or federal estate taxes, involves a blended family or has other complexities.

Free resources to help you plan

The MultiCare Foundations is proud to provide free and confidential estate planning services through Thompson & Associates for friends like you. Learn more

The MultiCare Foundations have also partnered with FreeWill to offer you a secure, online estate planning tool that can help you write your legal will—entirely free of cost. Learn more

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Prepare for your meeting with Thompson & Associates using our free personal estate planning kit to maximize your time. It will help you inventory your assets and consider the goals you want to accomplish with your estate plan.

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