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Beyond a Will

Ways to Upgrade Your Estate Plan

Over the past months, many families have taken time to think about the future. This has led many people to create their wills to protect loved ones. Though a will is an important document, it’s not the only one that should be a part of your estate plan. As you continue to plan for your future, you should also:

  1. Choose an executor or trustee. Name someone you trust who is capable of carrying out the required duties. You may want to consider naming both a loved one and an experienced financial institution.
  2. Name a power of attorney. Assign someone to handle your financial affairs in the event that you are unable to do so yourself.
  3. Select a health care power of attorney. Designate someone to be your representative in the event you are unable to make decisions regarding your health care. Be sure they are aware of your wishes regarding lifesaving measures.
  4. Check up on insurance. Evaluate your insurance periodically. Make sure you have enough to cover changing needs.
  5. Consider supporting a favorite cause. You can use your estate plan to ensure your support for MultiCare continues beyond your lifetime.

Include Us in Your Legacy

If a gift to MultiCare is part of your future plans, contact our gift planning team at or 253-403-3093. It would be our honor to thank you for your generosity and ensure we use your gift as you intend.

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